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Oct. 20th, 2017 03:34 am
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3:34am - Workin' from my bedroom again. I'm still not feeling right working here, but I don't want to go driving all across town to spend money on food so I'll have someplace else to work.

Anyways the next thing I need to do is progress to the next line of dialogue on a button press. Or maybe I should write up the branch code now? No, I'll modify the progresssion code after.

4:20am - Alright! The text boxes are progressing one to the next and then at the end it closes the text box and switches back to the previous game state.

Now I just need to put in the code for displaying the choices and switching between them.

Also, it occurs to me now that I probably shouldn't be destroying and reinstantiating the text box every time I do this, I should be disabling it or moving it off screen or something. The reason I'm destroying them is that I figured later on I might want an animation for when the text box appears. But I can do that just as easily with a permenant textbox that gets hidden. I also thought I might want to be able to make multiple text boxes across the screen, and not just at the bottom, but that's pretty far down the pipe.

So, the reason I shouldn't be destoying and reinstantiating the text box is largely a matter of efficiency. I'm using some complex code to get the text element of the text field of the text box every time it's instantiated, and if I only used one text box I could just store that once and not have to call it again and again. Well, that's something to remember for when I'm tweaking for performance.

Now for the option selection. First I need to display the options if there's more than one.

5:27am - The basic dialogue system demo is fully functional! I can't make it any better without integrating it into an actual game demo. So, I'll hang up my hat for now and let my dude know that I've finished.

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Oct. 18th, 2017 11:00 pm
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11:00pm - I slept all day after playing Atelier Rorona until 8am. Feeling kind of rotten now. Want to work but don't want to work. Gonna try and work and see what happens.

Gonna start with making the DialogueManager and making my DialogueManager and InputManager into singletons so they're easy to grab. There should be only one anyways.

11:15pm - Okay I've got a DialogueManager class now and both of those classes I mentioned are singletons now.

Next up is moving from window to window with a press of the button.

11:19pm - Naw. I think fifteen minutes was all I had in me. I'm amazed I made a little progress in that time.

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Oct. 18th, 2017 04:14 am
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4:16am - Workin' in my bedroom again. Or trying to anyways. It's really tempting to just crawl into bed again or play video games. I miss being able to go to the McDonalds at night and work.

Anyways last time I made an input manager that instantiates a window when you press the submit button, bound to x. I'm going to change that a bit in preparation for integrating this dialogue system into a live game. The input manager will have a gameMode parameter that switches from some nothing state (at present) to the dialogue state. In the future this will swap control from gameplay to dialogue or menu as needed.

In my demo the x key will switch from the nothing state into the dialogue state, and then the x key will progress through dialogue windows until they end. Then it'll switch back to the nothing state and wait to do it again.

5:13am - Okay I've got it loading the dialogue from the file and putting it in an instantiated textbox. The next step would be deleting the prior textbox on key press and making another with the next dialogue portion, but I've realized a couple of problems that are swiftly coming up.

The first problem is that I'm rapidly growing the amount of the UI code in the Input Manager. I'm thinking I should move it all to a seperate Dialogue Manager that will accept input events from the Input Manager when the game is in Dialogue Mode.

The second problem is that at present, with the current font and point size, the text box can handle three lines of text. That's okay, except that when I have options to choose from, I won't know which line they're on.

I'm thinking that for now I'll make it so that the selector switches between lines 2 and 3 with the expectation that line 1 explains the choice. But I'll probably have to modify this system later.

5:28am - I'll have to do all of that later though because right now I'm drained, and I think I'm going to go play a video game. I've got a little work done and some important problems figured out. I'm making progress.

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Oct. 16th, 2017 07:49 pm
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7:50pm - Well I'm trying working from home tonight, since my spine is feeling less weird, and I don't know what else to do anyway. XD

Today I'm going to try to make the dialogue system's code elements. Or at least some of them, I have a feeling this will be a multi-day stage.

8:02pm - Okay I put up an instruction text that says Press X to Chat. That's going to be my control for opening and advancing the text. The arrow keys will let you choose between options when they come up, but then you press X to continue. I'll need to modify my test xml to have proper text examples, right now it's mostly choice based, but RPG text comes in one window at a time.

8:20pm - While making the alternative text for my dialogue test I noticed a problem with the way the dialogue data structures is designed. The guy I was cribbing off of was designing for text windows that don't automatically follow up with one another. He was using dialogue options for all progression. Mine is clasic RPG style so each window should automatically have an option, but a dialogue branch should be special and different. So I'll have to modify the data structure to reflect that by having each dialogue entry have a built-in connection, and if the connection is -1 it's the end of the conversation.

8:30pm - After finagling with the data structure a bit I realized it would work better the way it is. I'll just make it so that if there's only one option the selection arrow doesn't come up, so you're automatically selecting the next option. That should work better. This data structure is pretty slick.

8:36pm - Okay I've got my dialogue file updated. Now to do the code. First an input manager to handle the keyboard input...

9:19pm - I've kinda fallen off the horse. I got the window to pop up when I press X so that's nice. I'll try to work more later. For now I'm going to get some food.

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Oct. 16th, 2017 04:03 am
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4:04am - Well this is rather unpleasant; the McDonalds in London have closed their night dining rooms. The one near my apartment was closed and I saw a new sign with the new hours, and when I tried driving to the next nearest McDonalds it had the same sign.

I passed a Tim Hortons with an open dining room and I heard someone complain to the cashier that all the McDonalds are closed like that now. I had to drive half way across town to find someplace to work tonight. Took me an hour and a half just to get to this point.

But here I am, so I'd better make it worthwhile.

Last time I worked I made the basic data structures for containing the dialogue tree and built a sample tree in an XML file. So my next job is to make the Unity parts. I need to make a couple sprites for the text window itself, a border, a brackground, and a pointer. I need to get a font to use for my text. I need to make the dialogue window prefab in Unity. And then I need to code it all together.

I'll start with the sprites.

5:50am - Hokay I made the sprites, I found a few fonts I like, I put them all into Unity and made the text window/dialog box for the dialogue system.

6:02am - I went ahead and made the window/dialog box into a prefab so I can instantiate them as I like. Next up I have to do the code to initiate the conversation, and drive the text windows along. That's going to be a lot of work and require a bit of thought, and I think I'm too tired for that now. But two hours of making a text window prefab is pretty good I think.

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Oct. 12th, 2017 07:17 pm
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7:17pm - Wow, has it really been ten days since my last work post? I guess I needed a break. Well, partly it's because I haven't been going to the McDonalds to work, and working at home or the library is much harder. Plus Thanksgiving of course, and the rain lately...

I'm working from home tonight. Gonna try to cook up a dialogue tree system for Unity. I wasn't sure if I'd have to make it from scratch myself, but I found a good tutorial that does about half the things I want to do, and I'm pretty sure the other half won't be hard to implement on top.

So, while I load up Unity, I'll go over the requirements.


Actually, Unity's got an updated version out and the version I've got is a bit buggy, so I'll update first.

While that's going on in the background, I'll go over the requirements.

I have to make a dialogue system where text boxes appear before the player, and may have response options. The responses should be picked by an arrow next to a list. The dialogue boxes should have an optional portrait window and character name space.

Okay that's easier said than done but it was even easier said than I expected. Hah.

Now then, I'll check out that tutorial. I already watched both parts once but I won't be copying it directly, I'll be implementing the same design strategy but using my own code.

8:04pm - Shoot, Unity is taking so long to install the new version, I'm just sitting on my hands waiting. :/

That's not good for morale.

8:30pm - Finally done. And the good news is I still feel like working. So let's make a dialogue system!

9:56pm - Alright I've got the classes laid out for the dialogue and a basic xml document with some sample conversation to start with. I'll have to expand on both when I add things but for now it'll do. I want to start with just text.

Anyways I'm going to stop for now, it's almost ten.

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Oct. 2nd, 2017 04:50 pm
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4:50pm - I spent too much money going to the McDonalds so much last month, so I've decided to try and spend more time working at home and the library. The library's closed Mondays so I'm on the sofa at home hoping to work.

Now, I had actually forgotten what I had been up to last time, and I probably could have done this better in my room, but I was going to end up researching animation in Unity again so I can get my sword movement working right.

Also I should note I haven't heard from the fella I was supposed to be partnering up with, in four or five days. So I'm a bit worried about that.

Anyways it's research time.

9:32pm - I did some research but I'm not sure I learned anything new. In retrospect I'm not sure what I was trying to learn, but it seems like I already knew it and just needed to reframe it in my mind. Afterwards I ended up going to the washroom for a long time then taking a nap for an even longer time. I'm not sure I feel like working now so I'll wrap up this post, and make another one later if I work more.

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Sep. 30th, 2017 05:45 pm
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5:46pm - Well it took a bit to get myself out today, not because I was in bed but because I was chatting and playing games. Hardly a bad thing, I should do it more often. But now I'm at the McDonald's and it's time for work, hopefully.

Today I'm planning on making Triangleman's sword work.

Basically I'm going to make a PlayerSwordController script, hook it into the InputManager, and give it functions to manage the input it gets. I'm going to give it a public function called Attack, and it'll manage which attack animation to do for the sword.

The sword itself will have a trigger collider for a hit box, and the slashes will coordinate with actual attacks.

This is going to be some seriously complicated stuff. I think I'll work it out by building it up. I won't start with the three attack combo, I'll just do a single slice.

6:28pm - I made the animation for the idle state and the first sword swing, but to make the transition on the animator I need to remember how to do animations properly, and I need to do research, and I just got a huge distraction in the form of my secondary Pathfinder group wanting to play right now. So we'll see how that goes...

7:51pm - Yeah we're playing, and I can't focus on my work like this, so I'm going to just focus on that for now.

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Sep. 28th, 2017 04:49 pm
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4:49pm - Oh geez, I came to McDonalds and spent like 40+ minutes reading the Twitter again. Heh.

Anyways yesterday I got my guy to look at the mouse. Well technically he was pointing at the mouse to his right, so I just turned the sprite 90 degrees. Let's see if that comes back to haunt me! (it probably will)

Now one way to make this sort of thing would be to have a straight gun and have the bullets come out straight. Another would be to have the bullets come out the nose. I'm going to go for the complex way and have the gun be like a turret, so it has to point towards the mouse too! Let's see if I can do that.

5:04pm - Haunting time is now! XD

I had the bright idea to copy the turning code and put it in a new script in the gunhand itself. Of course the gun doesn't point towards the mouse, it points perpendicular to the mouse. XD

I need to fix the code in both now.

5:33pm - I got stuck on the 'learning experience' of trying to figure out why the triangle man was always looking perpendicular, even though I had already solved the problem by adding negative 90 to the euler angle applied to the rotation. It turned out that worked and was neccesary because Unity does angles up to 180 and down to -180 instead of 0-360 like you might expect. Well, if you have an angle greater than 180 it keeps going, but the whole thing caused the perpendicular facing.

Now that Triangleman is moving the way I want, I can move onto the next step, which was...

Oh geez I dunno. o.o;;

I could make his sword work.
I could make his gun work.
I could make enemies for his sword and gun to work on.
I could make him able to dodge.
I could make him able to slow time.

More abstract. I could make a world for him to explore.
I could make levels for him to switch between.
I could make a UI to see his stats.

Oh the places you'll go, Triangleman. <3

I think I'll go to the bathroom then make his sword work. It should be harder than the gun, so I want to make sure I can do it first.

5:51pm - Okay I've got an idea in my head how to do this, but I should probably write it down and logic it out.

Triangleman is going to have a three swing combo attack. When you press the button he'll do a slash from left to right, then if you press the button again in time he'll do a slash from right to left, then if you press the button again in time, he'll do a straight jab with the blade. I don't want to lock the player into it just by accidentally pushing the button twice really fast, so there's a sweet spot you have to hit the button at, and I have to track that.

Now, where should I track that? In an input controller independant of Triangleman? In Triangleman's Character Controller? Currently all the controls are both recieved and responded to by Triangleman's character controller script. Is that the way it should be done? What if I want to pause the game to bring up a GUI item like a map or a menu?

Actually, I think I'll consult THE BOOK for this.

6:06pm - Okay THE BOOK was a bit too low level for this.

I'm thinking of converting to using an input manager, but if I do that, I'll have to move the inputs off of Triangleman and put them in the Input Manager, and yet still quickly get the inputs over to Triangleman's scripts to move him when appropriate.

6:11pm - Alright. So I'm thinking of going with the input manager idea. So, I suppose I could put almost all the movement code right there, and tell it the player object to move instead of having the player object move itself. Actually this is a great idea, it'll make it easy to switch who or what the player is controlling, too. I should try and remember this for the future.

10:18pm - I got really involved in talking with a friend and really distracted for a long time. I was at least able to move the movement code over to the new Input Manager and it works fine. I'll have to make the sword do swordy things next time.

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Sep. 27th, 2017 04:00 pm
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4:11pm - Well it's been a rough weekend with a bad cold but I'm back on the horse again, and things are going well. I sorted through the offers I got for teaming up and picked one. We're still getting organized together but I'm very excited to be working with them. I thought they were just a random indie trying to make something cool but apparently they have an interview with a big name developer I won't name here, so that's kind of neat. I don't know what to expect from that but it's nice.

As for me, I'm going to keep working on my own projects in the mean time.

I decided to simplify the character for my top down thing to just a head, torso and hands. That'll make it much easier to animate, and faster too. I think all the limbs and feet were a bit of scope creep given what I'm trying to make is just a placeholder. Now he looks a bit like a Prison Architect Discount Link. He doesn't even have a hat.

Now I guess it's back to animating him...

5:12pm - So, all the tutorials I could find for animating like this were for 2D platformers, not top-down games. They did simple animations for a character going one direction, and typically used scale to do the reverse direction as a mirror.

My guy was supposed to go in at least four directions, probably eight. So I had to do turns by switching the sprites when the character switched direction. There are so many problems with actually doing it this way it's not worth going forward like this. I mean, it's possible to animate a character this way, but I'd have to do in between animations for turning each direction. It's not worth my time.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do instead though.

5:23pm - Apparently today's one of those lucky days where I can get on Steam at the McDonalds. I'm downloading Spiral Knights to get a refresher on my target.

Still, I'm not sure what I'll do about the animation problem. I put a lot of work into drawing that character and it sucks that I can't really use it. I mean, maybe I could animate it as a sprite sheet and use that instead, but that's a lot of work too. I should really just give in and use sprites from a pre-existing game or from a licensed pack.

5:46pm - Hecking cripes. I can't seem to find any decent sprites to use as an alternative. You'd think there'd be tons of zeldalike sprites out there but geez. :/

5:57pm - I hate to do it since I've already drawn so much but I really only need a simple placeholder. I should move back to geometric shapes and sprites.

6:18pm - I was able to get Spiral Knights downloaded and installed but I couldn't connect to the server from the McDonalds. Alas. Well, I can pretty well emulate the gameplay with a spinning triangle with a slashy swordish thing in the right hand and a little turret on the left. The question is, do I always have the triangle face the direction of the mouse pointer while being moved with the arrow keys/wasd or do I have it look where the wasd/arrow keys point and have the gun and sword attacks go toward the mouse pointer?

Okay I'm going with the former. So! Triangle, Swordy-thing, Turret!

6:48pm - Triangleman is drawn with his sword and gun as three sprites. Now I have to write the code to have them turn towards the mouse pointer.

7:52pm - Geez, I'm having a bad night. Everything I try turns out wrong. :/

Right now I'm trying to get Triangleman to look at the mouse pointer, but it's not working and I don't know why. He's definately reacting to the mouse pointer when it moves, but he's not looking at it, and his turns in relation to the position of the mouse pointer don't make sense. :/

8:50pm - It took way more work to get Triangleman to look at the mouse pointer than it should have, and I'm still not 100% sure why what I did fixed it. My best guess is I did two things and forgot to save before trying the first one, so when it fixed it and I tried a second thing, it seemed like the second thing fixed it. The world may never know.

Now it's late and I'm hungry so I'm going to go home and make dinner.

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Sep. 21st, 2017 01:09 pm
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1:34pm - This afternoon I'm in kind of a weird state of mind, so my behavior is a bit different from usual. I decided to get something fancier to eat and went to Firehouse Subs. I decided to try their cheaper option, and while the sandwich was very delicious, the upcharge for the footlong is worth it. It's not twice as big as the regular sub, but it's twice as much meat and cheese. Well, it may be worth it. I enjoyed the littler sub and feel full without being bloated, so that's good.

After my meal I decided not to go to the McDonalds, which is why right now I'm at the Beacock Branch Library.

The first thing I'm going to do is look for folks to work with in a few places, just put my name and skills out there. Maybe find a group project to work on.

5:11pm - Wow time has flown quickly. I've spent the last four hours talking with people who responded quickly to my advertisements of availability, and reading details of one of the games that one of them is working on. It's quite the complex game, but he's already got a huge team.

I'm getting tired and thirsty though so I think I'm going to head home and talk more with them when I get there.
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11:15am - I actually did some work at home for a change, and without even opening a work journal. That's pretty neat. I animated a couple animations for my little dude, and that's about it. It looks a bit funny now, but wait until I do the attack animations! It'll look crazy. XD

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Sep. 20th, 2017 12:59 pm
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1:20pm - I managed to sleep relatively reasonable hours last night and decided to come out to the McDonalds at around noon. Now it's time to work. I've got an uncoloured drawing of my adventurer from the front, but I would like to have eight directional movement. We'll see if I can make diagonal look passable or not after I get the other three cardinal directions done.

2:41pm - Well the internet is out so I don't know if I'll be able to post this or not. I'll try to save it if I have to. Anyways I've got my adventurer drawn in four directions and I think I'm going to skip the other four. It should be fine for now.

I'm going to start exporting the vectors into png sprites and importing them into Unity.

4:38pm - Time flies when you're arting! I've also got internet back.

I just imported all the sprites to Unity and now I get to try and put them together. ^.^;;

4:58pm - I'm getting tired, worn-out, and hungry, so I ordered some food and I'm going to take a break shortly. I just want to finish putting the sprites together in the scene.

5:59pm - Alright I've got my dude in there but I can't animate him without a lot more work, so I'm going to leave that for another day.

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Sep. 19th, 2017 03:18 am
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5:13am - Geez gravy. I think I've been here at the McDonalds two hours already and I haven't started work yet, I just looked at Twitter (so many tweets today!) and watched some YouTube.

But I guess I've run those distractions into the ground and it's time to actually get started.

Well one thing first. I want to say I was really frustrated with yesterday. I hadn't planned to spend the entire day in bed, but I just found myself incapable of getting up again after I laid back down after writing about Rosewood Cottage. Not until after midnight, anyways. I woke up and fell asleep at least six times yesterday, but couldn't find the will to get out of bed. And worst of all is that I didn't feel depressed. I didn't feel bad for no apparent reason, or even for an obvious reason. I was just being lazy. That's really upsetting.

But, well, it happened. And now I'm here to work again.

Heh, I'll get to the work eventually, I just remembered another thing. When I finally did get up I talked with my mysterious inner circle and they said they loved the ideas I talked about for Rosewood Cottage. They suggested I make both, or one game with all those themes. Like, a quaint town of talking animals which is surrounded by magical realism, where magical forest creatures entreat your help as the inheritor of a mystic debt as the impetus for you exploring the magical domain you live in.

That is pretty darn rad, I have to say. It's a better idea than most I come up with when I'm awake, anyways. But it's more of a setting or story prompt than an actual game. So it'll have to wait for the future. Still, I want to comment on Rupert. Have you ever read the books or seen the show? He lives in a totally bizzare world and goes on some frickin' insane adventures, while living a relatively normal life in a quaint english country village of talking animals.

Alright, now I really should stop talking about that stuff and get down to work. I have a top-down character controller to make.

The main problem I've got with the basic character controller you can get from the Unity Tutorials on the Unity Website is that I want my character to stop under their own power and not just by friction. So, when the controls are released or reversed they should quickly stop and turn the other way. I'd kind of like to set up an animated sprite for this, but I don't want to go to that trouble of arting something I'm only going to use for testing.

Part of my problem is that I only like using CC0 assets for my games, even in testing, since otherwise people expect you to give them credit or worse. I don't need that kind of stress for assets I might accidentally include in my game later.

So I made my own thing that's basically eight sprites of a bouncy ball with a face in four directions. But I could make a much better character if I spent most of the day on it. Le-sigh.

I'm going to focus on the coding for now. Currently it just takes the smoothed axis data from the keyboard/gamepad/whatever and applies a force in the direction indicated multiplied by the speed value set in the inspector, and it only slows down or stops because of the Linear Drag set in the RigidBody2D Component.

I want to change it so that it adds a force required to stop the player when the controller enters the dead zone or reverses, or when the movement keys are released or reversed.

6:10am - Actually, I've gotten it to a way I like just by changing it to GetAxisRaw and using the drag and speed variables.

So, what am I going to do with this super basic top-down character controller?

6:21am - One bathroom break later I'm still not sure what to do next. I thought I had chosen a destination, but it seems I just said "Any of these things need a top-down character controller and a few similar elements" and now I've got a basic top-down character controller that doesn't really do anything...


I could make some basic elements just to have them I guess. Like, something to load levels from Tiled would be nice.

I could also make a simple game like my Smol Mouse Thief only this time make it a top-down 2D game with certain elements included for options, like, I could make my guy swing a sword like Link and shoot a gun like, uh, I dunno, I'm thinking something like those guys from Smash TV. What's a better example? Oh I know one, I want to make frickin' 2D Spiral Knights. Sword and gun and maybe shield and maybe dodge and maybe bomb...

Then I can add and remove elements as needed by the game I'm making.

Frankly, Spiral Knights is one of those games I'd like to remake entirely and "Do it My Way".

Huh, on a lark I went to see if three rings was hiring and apparently they're gone, replaced by Gray Havens, a group dedicated to keeping their old games alive. Also Gray Havens has no corporate info on their site so I guess they're not hiring anyways...

6:42am - It's becoming clearer and clearer that I'm going to need some art resources for my next step, and I'm going to have to make them myself. The difficult question for me is, single sprites or collections?

I could make a set of classic style sprites for each frame and pose I want, or I could draw some simple shapes and animate them into poses in Unity itself. I guess I'm going with the second one, right now it feels like the right choice. It's much easier to do, but I don't know how to do it exactly. I know Unity can do it; I've seen it done. But all the examples of it I've seen had pregenerated characters. So, this'll be an interesting learning experience for me.

7:16am - I watched a couple tutorials and it doesn't look so bad. I also tried to get a copy of Spriter but their website is messed up right now so I can't. I'll have to try again when I get home, in case it's a McDonalds problem.

For now I'll try to make my character parts in Inkscape.

7:42am - I've been looking for good advice online for drawing top down characters for video games. Most of the advice is for professional artists trying to make some professional level art, though. ^.^;;

8:26am - I'm workin' on drawin' my dude. I'm feeling a little worn out and hungry though, and I've realized just how long I've been out here at the McDonalds. So I'mma get sommat to eat for lunch and take a break.

9:11am - Back to work I guess.

10:06am - Dude is drawn! At least in one direction anyways. I've got bits I can mutate into other bits. I'm getting pretty worn out though. I've been out a long time working on all this. I think it's about time I went home and rested.
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So I was readin' my twitter a bit ago and I happened to see a post by XyzzySqrl about some alternative box art for Rosewood Cottage, a video game that came out a while back. I thought it was really good since it captured the real essence of the game and not the false expectation I had for the game.

See, when I first heard about Rosewood Cottage, I was under the impression it was a game about living in a village of cute animal folks, sort of like Animal Crossing I guess. Well, I ended up looking up the game since I had somehow forgotten to play it when it actually came out, and it was completely different than I expected. It was actually a lot like Okami, this beautiful nature game where you play a young man who inherited a debt to the magical aniamls of the forest and has to go on an adventure to help them. It all starts out with having to get to the will of your deceased relative to prove your ownership of Rosewood Cottage before the villan, a sort of Snidely Whiplash type, gets to it.

Anyways it wasn't long after that when I woke up. This whole thing was a dream, and there was no game named Rosewood Cottage and XyzzySqrl's twitter had a guest appearance in my nightly show. It's especially interesting because I had this intense feeling of Deja Vu, like I had dreamed this dream before but different, which was why I had remembered hearing about Rosewood Cottage before and missed playing it. Deja Vu usually manifests for me like a 'precognitive dream', where I suddenly remember everything happening to me in the moment having happened in a dream in the past. I've heard this happens to other people too, though, and that it's a twist of your memory system trying to find where this false second memory goes and finding the most reasonable spot to say it comes from. A dream.

Anyways it's all a bit inspiring. Both ideas are actually really good ideas for games, the disappointed it wasn't game and the it actually was game.

The game I thought it was at first was only a bit like Animal Crossing. It wasn't really like any game I've ever played. It'd be easier to compare it to childrens shows like Rupert and Maple Town and a dozen similar japanese 80's childrens anime, and the Wind in the Willows. The whole genre of happy animal neighbors living together peacefully.

It reminded me that I really wanted to create a world like Rupert's, with a facade of normalcy surrounded by bizzare magical realism, but with a wholesome core of friendship between animal villagers.

The other game was pretty cool too. It was very stylized, and at one point in the dream I was in my brother's room playing it and the god rays from the game outshone the real sun. It was pretty weird. Anyways the idea of inheriting a magical debt is really clever, and I'm happy to have dreamed it up. You go into this quaint grove where your inheritance, the Rosewood Manor is, and encounter a mob of magical animals who demand that you help them where your ancestor failed.

That's a really good story prompt even for things outside of video games.

Anyways I just got out of bed to write this 'cause it was so bloody interesting, but now I'm going to get about my day. Thank you for reading!

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Sep. 17th, 2017 03:30 am
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3:30am - Wow, it's hard to believe I've been out of bed for three hours now and I'm already at the McDonald's. It feels like I only just rolled out of bed!

Tonight's a busy night here at the McDonalds so there's lots of distractions. Fortunately the folks who were packed into my usual space left about the time I showed up, but there's lots of interesting and usually drunken party people waiting for their food.

As for me, I've upgraded to the latest version of Unity and downloaded my base code from the last Ludum Dare I did. Now the real question is, what do I actually want to do?

I've got a lot of options available to me. I'm not even going to list them. I'm practically in an infinite possibility space, but I'm limiting myself to things I want to do and have the skills to do. As a help, I brought my copy of Game Engine Architecture with me, in case I need some help with big ideas.

3:55am - I just spent some time looking for other local groups I might not know about. Didn't have much luck, but I did find one group that's local and interesting. They don't have any job ads on their site, though. They'll be at the Forest City Comic Con later this month so I'll try and ask them about their company then.

4:05am - I found another one with a different search, but it's just two guys and they don't seem like a pair open to a new member.

I think that's enough looking for locals. I think I'll be on my own for a while. Well, unless I take the initiative and start my own group, and look for members instead of a group to join. Ah, but I don't think so. Not now.

For now, I think I'm going to mess around with Unity and my platformer basecode and see what improvements I can make.

4:11am - Yikes. My old stuff is surprisingly intimidating on a glance. Maybe I'm not as ready as I thought I was.

4:33am - Looked around Reddit for something to inspire me. Ended up looking up London, Ontario stuff. Nothing big, though. I also found out that /r/gamedev has a new Discord. I thought the Game Dev League discord was theirs, but apparently not. Now I'm on two gamedev discords, so yay?

4:35am - Thinking about what to work on some more. Not really sure. It's been a while since I dropped World of Thardomhainn as a project, but I still think about it sometimes. It's not a bad idea, I've thought about just changing the design. But I still don't want to make an RPG, particularly. I probably want to make an RPG more than I did when I dropped WoT though.

On the other hand, let's think about other game types. I came out here to mess around with my platformer stuff, but do I really want to make 2D platformers any more than I want to make an RPG? Probably not. I think I made Smol Mouse Thief because I wanted to prove I could, and I did that. I was also thinking about making a 2D character controller script for the Unity Asset Store but I'm not sure I have the confidence for that. There's already a couple of free ones on there I downloaded back before I made Smol Mouse Thief, and though I didn't use either of them, they're not bad.

I've thought about making a Space Game but I've never been able to design one without going crazy with hard scifi limitations.

I've always been into simulations but I'm dripping in sims already. I just played Oxygen Not Included to the limits of the current game level yesterday, and I've gotten a bit bored with Prison Architect. I tend to get things relatively stable in games like these and then lose interest. I'm not sure what I'm really looking for anymore.

I thought about making a frontier settlement sim but I'm not sure what I really want to make there. I had hemmed and hawed about the theme until friends told me I should not worry about the theme until I had the mechanics working, and that was good advice, but I wasn't even sure what mechanics to include.

One crazy thing I've been thinking about isn't even a game programming project but an art project, making myself a 3D mascot type thing. I generally like 3D mascot platformers like Mario, Spyro, etc... and I could put whatever sort of elements I want into a game like that. But it doesn't seem like a good idea.

I'm just not sure what to do with myself at this point. What should I make?

I recently found out about an Erogame in development, a roguelike with fun bad ends. I offered to help, but the fella who's making it had worked with someone before and had a bad experience, so he didn't want to work with me. It probably wouldn't have worked out anyways but that thought's what's got me looking for other game developers. I feel like I'm ready to work on someone else's project for a while. But, it has to be something I'm still interested in.

I wish I could help out with Kynseed, but that's far too far away, and I can't imagine they're hiring. That's a game I'm really into. It's similar enough to what I want to make as a sim to be really interesting, but also it's not everything I would want, I think. I'm not sure what I want right this moment, but this moment will surely pass.

Another game I'd like to help with is Chucklefish's unnamed magic school game. Again, that's too far away and I can't imagine they're hiring. But it's the sort of game project I could really sink my teeth into.

Maybe it's time I finally make that experimental game where you find yourself working with or against a system of order. It's a chaos/order thing, where you start off in this area filled with machines that are doing whatever, and you can break them or mess them up. If you do, little guys come out to fix the machine. If you make enough trouble, they try to fix you too. If you don't do anything for long enough, or let the system repair itself and run clean for a while, baddies show up to break the machine, and you can help the system repair itself or you can help the baddies or whatever you want.

I'm not sure if it would be fun or not, it would mostly be an art piece. Sort of like Yume Nikki I guess.

I remember when I originally designed it, I also considered having two different systems, or even more, interacting with eachother like a game of DOTA with no players. Just the little guys coming out of their bases and attacking eachother in the middleground. Then there's one player, and you can do whatever you want. Help either side, or take advantage of their conflict in some way.

In any of those cases I'd need to make a top-down character controller and some basic elements that would be the same, so maybe I should do that? I'm more into top-down adventure games like Zelda than 2D games like Metroid anyways.

5:47am - I might regret it in four hours but I'm going to get myself a McBreakfast and eat while I think about how I want to design my little top-down game.

6:31am - Alright, so I've had my breakky and I made a new Unity project for my Topdown 2D Basecode. I'm not sure what I should do for my player though. Maybe just a triangle? I'm not sure if I should design it so that I can put animated sprites in later, or just do a triangle that gets rotated.

For now I've been here three hours. I'm going to take a game break and come back to this in a bit.

7:24am - Alright, back to work. I'm still in a bit of a problem though with how I want to set up my character controller. Do I want to set it up as if I was using animated directional sprites, or do I want to have my triangle sprite simply turn to point in the direction it should be going in.

Well, I want to do the first one, because I'll probably put sprites in eventually. But thinking from a standpoint of making something generalized, I could seperate the animation from the movement entirely. Have seperate scripts controlling what it animates based on its movement, and the movement itself.

8:01am - Oh ho ho ho ho I forgot about Unity's built in animation system, it already does seperate controls for animation based on physics and things if you want it to. Well I found it again after a little research and so I now know what to do with my Top-Down 2D character.

8:15am - A little later I'm disengaging from the distraction of Reddit and getting back to work. XD

So, to start with I'm going to make a little area for my 2D character to explore, then I'll start writing the Top-down 2D character controller.

9:52am - It took a while but I made an animated character. I also put a simple 2D character controller from the Unity tutorials on it so it can move around, but I don't like the way it moves using just the basic Unity physics. I can put a drag on it, which brings it to a stop like friction, but it also reduces the speed. Increasing the speed increases the stop distance. I want my character to gradually move up to full speed, and stop or change direction more quickly.

10:42am - Well, I'm getting tired and having trouble thinking and focusing, so I think it's time to call it a wrap for today. I'm having trouble figuring out how to handle the inputs and translating them into the appropriate motions. It'll take some serious work to figure that out and I don't think I'm capable of it at the moment. Well, that's tomorrow's thing I guess, or the next day I work.

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Sep. 16th, 2017 06:24 am
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6:24am - Well I'm out at the McDonalds again today. I was really feelin' it when I was home but now that I'm here I'm already feeling worn out. I dunno what's up with that. Yesterday I slept like crazy. I mean, I went to sleep around six am and got up around eight pm. That's a long time. And yet here I am, six am again and I'm tired again. Frustrating.

Anyways I've got ... Oh hold up, a Police Officer just showed up and the McDonalds lady pointed him over here. Now he's taking out the two people who were sleeping across from me. Huh. Usually the McDonalds ladies chase people out on their own. I've never seen them call the police before.


Oh well...

So I came out to work on my Tag game and I guess that's what I'll do now. I've got to make it so that the tag status is passed on a collision with a non-it player. Hmmm... It occurs to me that it would be easy to accidentally tag multiple players at once if the it player collided with more than one at the same time.

Hmm... When the it player collides with a non-it player, they'll trigger a transfer of the it status and the lastit status. As long as I make sure to check if the tagger still has it status, I can prevent additional tags from doubling the status.

It also brings up another problem, the transference of the lastit status. Any player could potentially be the last it, they wouldn't likely be involved in the tagging collision unless they were in a corner or something. So each player has to be aware of the lastit player to inform them that they're nolonger lastit. I could do that a few ways.

One way would be a message/event system like I was studying last time I worked on this. Another way would be to have a manager class that all of the players have a reference to. A third way would be to have a static property in the AI script/class that keeps track of who was last it.

Hmm... I was strongly leaning towards the third option, but that would depend on the players all using the same script/class for their AI. If I wanted to add different player types or something, I'd be out of luck. So, I'll have to use one of the first two options. I think I'll go with the manager class. That seems to be the way things are done in Unity.

6:59am - Okay I just watched some YouTubes but I'm back on now, so here I go!

8:14am - So I put in the code to handle the transfer of itdom from one player to the next, and it seems to work, except that when the it player tags a non-it player he runs until he's just out of hearing range and stops, and the newly it player just sits there not doing anything. :/

8:30am - Okay I think I've got all the behaviors working for the tag game. Now to polish it up a little. First off I want to make them change colour based on their status. Blue for normal, red for it, and green for lastit.

8:51am - Alrighty, they change colour properly. I've also added a lot of them into the scene to see how they work together, and it seems to work fine!

I'm a little disillusioned with the final product, though. It doesn't make use of the Utility AI in a way that I couldn't have done a normal State Machine AI with. There's a certain short-sightedness to the whole project I noticed earlier on, but I had hoped I was wrong. Alas.

Anyways it's something to build off of. I'm not sure I want to do any more work on it now, though.

I'm going to backup my work so nothing happens to it, then think about what to do next.

9:16am - I got myself a coffee and a danish to help me stay up. I'm not sure what I'll do while the coffee cools though. It looks like I lucked out that one time I got onto Steam here, I tried today and it didn't work again.

9:33am - I'm thinking that for my next project I'll take the Smol Mouse Thief game I made for Ludum Dare and expand it some. But, I also want to upgrade to the latest version of Unity. So, I probably should go home and get the latest Unity on my good internet.

The Beacock Branch Library is open today from 9-5 so I could go home, take a break, and then go there to work some more. Or I could do something else. Hah.

Before I leave the McDonalds though I want to take a look at what I have for my 2D platformer stuff. I remember polishing up the controller beyond what I used in Smol Mouse Thief. I don't remember what I did with it exactly, but it can't have gone far.

9:44am - So much for "It can't have gotten far." I don't see it anywhere. It should be in the base code I did for Ludum Dare 38 but I don't see it there.

9:48am - After more looking I'm declaring it gone. I don't know where or how but it's not there anymore. Of course, I could download the base code from my website, but that wouldn't have the additions I made after Ludum Dare.

I'll just have to take what I've got with Smol Mouse Thief and see how I can build on it. For now I'mma pack up and head home.

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Sep. 14th, 2017 01:54 am
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1:58am - Today's been kinda weird. I slept in really late, then played Prison Architect while I waited for the call to start. Didn't take long after the call started that some of the guys wanted to play Duck Game, which leaves me out in the cold. I was getting pretty bored so I packed up and came out to the McDonalds, and wouldn't you know it, they stopped playing Duck Game just as I left. Alas.

I'm not sure what I'm even going to work on tonight. I'm not feeling very good.

My Tag Demo is mostly functional now, I just need to make the It status transfer between players. That's probably going to be harder than I expect, but I don't know, because I don't expect it to be as hard as I think it might be, which is kind of confusing.

Apart from that I've got my side project I've barely started. I suppose I could try working on that.

Then there's the option of starting something new. I don't know what I'd do and I don't feel terribly comfortable starting something new when I've already got a project almost done. That said, I'm thinking my next project will be improving my Smol Mouse Thief game from Ludum Dare to have better physics and more enemy types.

So what about my side project... I've got a loose idea of a Bouncy Castle Adventure Game but I'm not really sure what the player will do in the Bouncy Castle.

2:49am - I've struck up some conversations on Discord about it. One idea a friend gave is to make the player into the floor of the Bouncy Castle, for other people to walk/bounce on.

Otherwise I haven't been getting much new. I found out one of my friends isn't very into inflation, though. Hah. And my friend who is into inflation isn't suggesting anything. Oh well.

Some ideas I've got are a Dragon who eats the player for some vore action, and potential TF afterwards, a Bondage Dress that makes you a Princess, and some kind of Rubber Maid shennanigans.

Well, let's try to think some of it out.

I'm thinking of having the Castle's Courtyard be the 'hub area' just inside the gate, from which you can access each of the other areas of the castle. Depending on what state of transformation you're in, each area would treat you differently. Like, if you're a maid you'd be expected to clean the different areas. I've got vague ideas for other things.

I'm also not sure what I want to do to have the player initiate changes. Like, does it happen when you enter a new room if you're in the wrong state? Is there an 'object' that you interact with? Can those 'objects' move?

3:07am - Oh another fellow suggested some ideas. He suggested sinking into an inflatable throne if you sit on it, a room that inflates when you close the door, sealing you in like a vacbed, and he also suggested inflatable demony stuff, so I'm probing for a more solid idea. <3

I'm thinking that there will be static objects in each 'room' to interact with. I was also thinking of doing a 'search' option for each room where you can find random trouble. But I don't think I have enough ideas for that.

3:15am - I'm going to brainstorm some ideas for rooms, objects in the rooms, and things that they can have happen.

Bouncy Castle Entrance - You start here, and if you're turned into a Guard this is where you're stationed.

Bouncy Courtyard - The hub area. The Floor is an object. You can bounce on it, or lay down on it. If you lay down on it, you get absorbed into the ground and other people bounce on you! I might change it so you can only get absorbed if you're already rubber. Maids have to clean the floor of the Bouncy Courtyard.

Bouncy Stables - The Bouncy Stables have a single Inflatable Pony who you can talk to. She's lonely and wants a friend! ;)

Bouncy Armory - A Rubber Hauberk is on an armour stand here, waiting to be put on. Turns you into a guard for the castle. Maids can polish it.

4:08am - I've only been here a couple hours and I'm already feeling pretty worked over.

Oh hey, on accident I opened Steam, and it worked! I guess it's not blocked at McDonalds anymore. That's nice. Maybe I'll mess around with a game or something for a little break.

5:28am - I played Prison Architext for an hour but I still feel burnt out and don't want to work more. Frustrating.

6:34am - I played Creepy Castle for about an hour, and talked a bit on Discord about the Bouncy Castle game. I've been at the McDonalds for four and a half hours now. There's a store I want to go to on the way home that opens at 8am so I'll try to stay here until then. I'm not sure if I'll eat more before I go or not. I did eat two discount big macs after all.

I'm going to try to think of more rooms. I'm thinking instead of worrying about a hub area, I'll have most areas accessible by the courtyard, but several located in a chain in the keep.

So, accessible to the courtyard will be the Entrance, the Stables, the Armoury, the Servants' Quarters and the Keep. The Keep's first level is the Great Hall, and beneath that is the Dungeon. Above it is the Throne Room and above that is a Hallway that connects to the various Royal Suites, the Princess' Room, the Royal Bedroom, and the Balloon Wizardess' tower.

Each location should have at least one thing to interact with.

The Servants' Quarters is where you get Maid'd by the Head Maid. I'll work out the specifics when I get into the writing phase, but I figure there'll be some sort of inflatable person who is a maid that will put you to work. I'm thinking a shortstack mouse.

The Great Hall will have dancers dancing, and the Bouncy Queen will be here socializing.

The Dungeon is where the Bouncy Dragon lives. She'll gobble you up or unbirth you depending on how you act around her.

The Throne Room is where the Throne is. If you sit on it and you're not the Princess then you'll get absorbed by it and the Bouncy Queen will sit on you!

The Hallway will probably have a mirror you can check yourself out in. And maids have to clean it.

The Princess' room will have a handmaiden or chambermaid who turns you into the rubber princess.

Someone just suggested a skunk with a knot in their tail to prevent the release of TF gas. I really like that and I'm going to try to use it somewhere. Maybe the Bouncy Wizardess?

I'm not sure about the Royal Bedroom. Maybe... I don't know. XD

Aha I got an idea! The Queen's Wardrobe! You go in, and get turned into an outfit for the Queen to wear.

7:43am - It's getting closer to 8am. I think I'll get a snack to pass a little time.

7:58am - I filled out the customer satisfaction survey to pass the last of the time, and chatted on Discord with the folks who had been helping me with ideas. Now it's time for me to live up to my family name and face FULL LIFE CONSEQUENCES. Or go to the store for drinks. Whatever. Toodleoodleoodleoo!

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Sep. 13th, 2017 01:35 am
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2:08am - Well I'm out at the McDonalds again. It seems like their prices have gone up again, and not just 'cause Summer Drink Days are over. Alas.

I asked on the Game Dev League Discord about how I should handle my in-game clock thing...

3:20am - I forgot I was writing in my journal. Heh. Anyways they said I should try Events and one linked me to the Events live lesson from the Unity Site so I gave that a watch. On the other hand I'm not sure I need this to be exactly the same time for everybody. I could probably just put a timer in the AI script that increments every frame by deltaTime and work with that.

3:32am - The more I think about this the less sense it makes. If I'm counting up a timer for the wanderTo, what do I do when it switches from Wander to a different state?

One thing I'm thinking of is using a Coroutine, but I'm not very comfortable with those. I don't know how efficient/inefficient they are.

Hmm... I could make it a general aiTimer instead of just a wanderTimer, and have the script do different AI tasks depending on the state, when the timer counts up?

3:51am - I ended up doing that last thing I mentioned and it seems to work, though wandering to random locations looks a bit janky. I could polish up the movement. Maybe later. Maybe not.

Next up I need to do the flee code. If the tag player senses an It player they should run in the opposite direction.

4:05am - So it occurs to me now that I need to get a reference to the player who is it, that my SenseTargets function only returns true or false, not a reference to the it player. What's more, the list of sensed players gets erased before we get to the spot I'm writing my reaction code! Shobby, me.

4:42am - Alright! I think I've got the flee behavior working. I wasn't adding the position of the transform to the direction away from the it player, so it wasn't working. But now the player flees properly, then starts to wander when they're far enough away.

Now I'll do something similar for the evade behavior and chase behavior.

4:50am - Alright! Now I've got two players in there, one who is it and one who is not it, and the one who is it chases the one who is not it who flees from the one who is it who is chasing the one who is not it. Perfect!

Now all I need to do is write the code to pass itdom onto the target with a collision, and the demo will be functional!

I do believe I will save that for next time, and for now I will reward myself by going home and playing video games and sleeping!

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Sep. 12th, 2017 03:54 am
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3:55am - Well, it hasn't been an easy night so far. I got an email reply that said the company I was targeting wasn't hiring for that position anymore. I don't think they chose to hire anybody at all. I'm kind of broken up over it, but I'm a tough guy and I'll deal.

It got me inspired to come out to the McDonalds at night and work again, but that wasn't easy either. I walked all the way down to the McDonalds, and walked all the way back home. Despite being a 24 hour McDonalds location, it was closed for maintainance.

Now I'm at a different McDonalds location than I usually work at. It's hardly ideal. There's only one plug-in spot, and there's a guy sitting next to it. I think he's a transient or somebody just passing the time while stuck out of his home or something. Anyways what I'm getting at is I don't think he'll be leaving before I do.

The table material is reacting poorly with my mouse as well, so it's hard to move my pointer around as well. Hopefully that won't interfere with my work.

As for my work, well, it's time for me to relearn Unity's built in NavMesh implementation so I can write the movement code for my tag game.

4:15am - I got some breakfast and that fellow left. I'm not sure what he does but he had a flashlight and rubber gloves. I guess it was time for him to go to work? There was another person with a flashlight who came in after. I don't know if it's very dark in this neighborhood or what.

Anyways I'mma watch some Tutorial vids while I eat my breakky.

4:46am - I'm not finding any great insights into Unity AI scripting today, so it looks like I'll be going with the simplest method I can think of. When the tagPlayers wander, they'll just pick a random spot 1m from their current location and set it as their destination. We'll see how that looks first before I change it. Probably it won't look that good. XD

5:11am - Well, he moves now so that's a big improvement. But he switches movement targets so quickly that he basically just wiggles left and right. I need to set a destination for an actual period, maybe a second? I'm not sure what the best way to do that is though. I'll ask somebody.

5:19am - Oops, suddenly have to leave. The McDonalds guys told me my van will get blocked in by their delivery truck. So I'll do more elsewhere.


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